GREW 1989 was founded in 1989 by the late Mr Desmond Mongroo. The company was later ran by Gregory and Veronica Mongroo, who change the name to Grew Industries 1989 Ltd. In late 2006, Franck Chevrier purchased the company.

Originally Grew 1989 produced bacon, picnic ham, sausages and hamburger patties but with his extensive culinary and butchery skills and knowledge, the new owner "Chef Franck" set out to augment those traditional products with his speciality "Chef Franck" sausages thus providing a wider range of product and to better serve the tourism industry and general population.

The company now offers its products under its new brand "Cariquisine". "Cari" which comes from the word "Caribbean" represents the fusion of spices and flavours that define our products and "quisine" comes from the french word "cuisine" representing the traditional processing tecniques, training and experience of owner Chef Franck.

Cariquisine products represent quality meat processing, as we avoid the usage of fillers in our products. We only use high quality meat in our manufacturing process combined with our traditional recipes to provide a good quality product.

Cariquisine products are supplied to all the major hotels and restaurants in Saint Lucia and through the local supermarkets in Saint Lucia.